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General Specification

Powerful and Convenient Mini Centrifuge for Simple and Rapid Life Science Separation Applications!
The OHAUS Frontier 5306 is a powerful mini centrifuge for simple and rapid liquid separation. The Frontier 5306 includes an 8-position 1.5/2 mL tube rotor as well as a 4-position 8-strip PCR tube rotor that can accommodate 32 individual PCR tubes or 0.2mL strip tubes. With the included adapters, 0.2 mL and 0.5 mL strip tubes can also be accommodated in the 8 position tube rotor, further increasing its versatility.

Standard Features Include:

A Quiet Motor and Rubber Base Assure Quiet Operation—With a low voltage power input, quiet motor, and rubber base that absorbs vibrations, Frontier 5306 keeps operational noise to a minimum and reduces disruptions in the laboratory.
Multiple Protective Features Ensure the Safety of Centrifuge Operator—Frontier 5306 has many safety attributes, including a low voltage power input, sturdy lid, and two safety switches which immediately stop the rotors should the lid open while in rotation. An imbalance sensor also stops the centrifuge if the rotors become imbalanced or sudden shock occurs, protecting the operator from being injured by the high-speed spinning rotors.
Simple One-Step Operation—Frontier 5306 takes simple operation to a new level. Oncethe device is powered on, simply place your sample in the centrifuge, close the lid, and it will begin to rotate. Not even one button press is needed in order to separate your sample.

Technical Specification
Company OHAUS
Model Frontier 5306
Country of Origin Switzerland
Product Type Centrifuge
Product Availability Usually deliver in 15 days or sooner.
Sterilization temp. (°C/ °F ) Input: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 1.5A Output: 24V 2.0A
Pressure at Gauge range in analog (Mpa) 1.5 kg (including free-load angle rotor)
Safety 5.9 × 6.6 × 5.0 in. / 150 × 168 × 128 mm
Max RCF 2000 g
Max Capacity 8 × 1.5 ml /2 ml , 4 × 0.2 ml-PCR 8-tube bank or 32 × 0.2 ml single centrifugal tube
Speed Range 6000 rpm
Timer Range Accelerating Time ≤2 s and Decelerating Time ≤3 s
Warranty 1 Year
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