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General Specification

Minotavr -2 can work as single unit or in a group up to 4 units under common control. The software controlled valve removes gaseous reaction products and provides reaction under safety pressure. Control and managed by external PC or control unit parameters including pressure, temperature, power.

high speed and reactions efficiency
absolute safety due to solid metal waveguide, safety valve and automatic overpressure release
automatic stop in accordance with preset time of evaporation or residue weight
low power consumption due to ultra focused electromagnetic field
digestion of large samples
no sample contamination
digestion and evaporation in the same vessel, no losses during sample transfer
no volatile element losses (Se, As, Hg, etc.)
closed vessel (under pressure) or open vessel treatment


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Technical Specification
Company LUMEX
Country of Origin Canada
Product Availability In-stock
Functionality reduces the effect of acids on the laboratory personnel to minimum acids being not used in the digestion process
Pressure 8 atm
Units in Group 1 to 4
Protection The protection from the microwave field effect is provided by a specially designed waveguide system, which rules out leaks outside the microwave module and is in full compliance with sanitary safety regulations in all the operation modes of the device. 
Operation Mode Decomposition under and without pressure, evaporation, and extraction
Sample digestion time 20-40 min
Sample hydrolysis time 10 min
Reagents HNO3, H202, HCL
Max. sample weight 2 g
Max. liquid sample 50 ml
Power Supply 220-240 VAC, 50 HZ
Power consumption (W) 600W
Net weight (kg / lbs) 22 kg
Dimensions(LxWxH) 500x450x150 mm
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