Yaswas provides complete solution for your laboratory and office furniture requirement.

Yaswas offers a comprehensive line of high quality, laboratory furniture and fixtures ensuring the quality & durability of our products. We manufactures wide variety of overhead storage cabinets, tall storage cabinets, Locker,  drawers, racks, modular steel furniture, woodwork, cabinets, sinks and safety equipmentetc. Customized furniture according to the user requirements.


What Is Special About Us?

Yaswas is a professional-full service firm providing laboratory furniture, fume hoods, laboratory design, sales and installation. With more than 50 years of experience, Yaswas stands as the oldest & most reputed organization in the middle east, specially Saudi Arabia, supplying Laboratory furniture, fume cupboards, Laminar Air Flow, Balancing tables, Pharmacy cabinet, laboratory countertops, laboratory fixtures and faucets, floor cases, wooden laboratory casework and a complete line of accessories. With manpower of more than 200 employees, Yaswas is among the biggest organization in its Domain.

Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization Yaswas deliver maximum customer satisfaction & most of our clients are associated with us from many years. The key strength of our organization is the quality & durability of the products manufactured within our state of the art manufacturing facility located at Riyadh. The diversity of our products, services & fulfillment of the commitments keeps us at equivalence with the expectations from Clients. We monitor our projects on day to day basis & make a good use of our customer feedbacks to improve ourselves.

Our customers are Research Centers, Pharmaceutical Industries, Petrochemical Industries, Chemical Industries, Educational Institutions, Hospitals & Other Industrial segments requiring our products.


  • YASWAS announces its collaboration with SEFA Compliance to maintain it's best standards in Furniture market.
  • YASWAS has collaborated with some heavily reputed organization within KSA like Saudi Bin Laden Group, Sabic, Ravago and utileco and many more. 
  • As per our customer feedback, Our furniture designs plays a significant role in retaining our clientele.


  • Ministry of Education
  • Sabic
  • Ministry of Health
  • Saudi Aramco
  • UtilEco
  • Ravago
  • Saudi Electric
  • Taiba University
  • Alesaye Beverages
  • Royal Commission Yanbu & Jubail