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General Specification

Capel-205 is a new generation capillary electrophoresis system with advanced options and design. Thus Capel-205 can be the very best choice not only for R&D and low-scale analyses but also for the customers dealing routinely with dozens of samples per day.

Extended autosampler capacity up to 59 vials positions, allowing to provide overnight analyses
Standard centrifuge-type vials of 1.5mL volume (Eppendorf-type) closed with their original caps are used for all solutions
Specially designed unit automatically opens vials just prior to their use, thus preventing evaporation and any kinds of cross-contamination
New HV block provides voltage up to +/- 30 kV thus improving separation efficiency and decreasing analysis time

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Technical Specification
Model CAPEL-205
Company LUMEX
Country of Origin USA
Product Availability Available
Detection Limit Lower Detection Limit due to the optimized optical scheme
Injection Reverse sample injection under vacuum
pressure_lumex up to 100 mbar
Programming Programmable changing of wavelength, pressure and voltage during analysis
Thermostating Precise and highly effective capillary thermostating provided by circulating liquid coolant (water)(± 0.1 C)
Current 0 - 300 mkA
Switch Automatic (electronic) polarity switch
Measurement Time ultra-short analysis time (less than 1 min) and sample stacking to decrease detection limit
Sampler Autosampler for 59 vials
Rinsing By pressure, 500-2000 mbar in 1 mbar ateps
Analysis Constant voltage from -30 KV to +30 KV in 1 KV steps
Software Elforun software
Power Supply 110-240 VAC, 50/60 HZ
Capillary Length 30-120 cm internal diameter 50, 75 micrometer
Power consumption (W) 170W
Net weight (kg / lbs) 30 kg
Dimensions(LxWxH) 470x530x410 mm
Light Source Deuterium lamp
WaveLenghth Pitch 190-400 nm
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